December 2017

Those using the mail-in method of payment for new accounts as well as renewals should take note of the new mailing address. Orders sent to any other address will not be received. The correct address will appear when you choose to submit a mail-in order.

January 2018

SpamAssassin is a mail server software tool designed to eliminate or reduce the amount of SPAM messages that are delivered into an email account.

Up until now all Incognify accounts were using SpamAssassin protection.

However, as it turns out, emails from many of the sites that our users wish to communicate with were actually being blocked by SpamAssassin.
So, at the request of our users, we have decided to disabled SpamAssassin email spam filtering on all Incognify accounts. While most users will likely not notice a difference, some users may see an increase in the number of unwanted SPAM emails they receive. On the plus side, email communications from sites that were previous being blocked will now be deliverable to you, instead of being treated as SPAM and discarded as before.

Our goal is to provide the best usable email experience for our customers, and we hope this change benefits each and every one.