Email that's Secure. Private. Anonymous. Affordable.

Incognify offers a suite of identity cloaking tools designed to help protect your personal information while online, anywhere in the world.

Incognify Email Allows You To Both Send & Receive Email!
Plus, We Won't Ask For Any Identifying Information - Not Even Your Current Email Address!

Don't let your primary email address get filled up with SPAM.

And whatever you do, don't send your personal email to your work or business email account!

With Incognify Email you get secure, private, anonymous email that you can access from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

All of our anonymous email accounts come complete with a webmail portal, that not only allows you to send and receive email securely and anonymously, but also combines a suite of useful tools designed to make your online life easier, more organized, and safer.

In addition to our web portal if you like you can also use your favorite email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Check out some of the features you'll get with an Incognify Anonymous Email account:

Mail Features

  • Secure SSL encrypted connections
  • Support for PGP end-to-end message encryption
  • Send and receive plain text, HTML, and encrypted email
  • Compose, edit and delete emails
  • Reply, forward, and edit as new
  • Print and download email
  • Whitelist & Blacklist rules
  • Add, rename and delete mail folders
  • Create subfolders
  • Mark all mail as read/unread
  • Search mail


  • Full featured graphical calendar
  • Add, edit and delete tasks
  • Set reminders

Address Book

  • Full featured with address, phone, email, etc. contact info
  • Supports PGP Public Key for each entry
  • Supports S/MIME Public Certificate for each entry

Task Scheduler

  • Simple to use
  • Alarm notifications by sound, desktop notification, or email
  • Add, edit and delete tasks


  • Store all of your web bookmarks in one easy to manage location
  • Add, edit and delete bookmarks


  • Setup autoresponders, automatic forwarders, login notifications and more

Incognify was inspired by work being done at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Much of the EFF's work revolves around making the Internet safer and more secure as a means of improving individual privacy. We believe in this mission, which is why we launched the Incognify Anonymous Email platform.

No matter what reason you need a private email address:

  • to keep your company, boss, co-workers, or family members from reading your private email
  • for use with dating, adult, medical, political, insurance, or other sites
  • to use in combination with a VPN
  • or for any other reason

we've got you covered!

We won't ask for any identifying information* - not even a current email address. And yes, we accept Bitcoin and offer mail-in cash payments as well.

Plus with prices as low as $2 USD per month there's simply no reason not to get your own secure, private, anonymous email account today!

Thousands of people from all over the world would trust Incognify for their anonymous email accounts. You should too.

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Disclaimer: Incognify is not associated with or endorsed in any way by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. *The word 'anonymous' when used in the context of promoting our services means that neither your email address nor your account is in any way associated with your real name or identity, unless payment is made by credit card, in which case card holder information is required.